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   I am fond of watching pet shows on TV, those cute puppies and kittens doing many tricks in their cute costumes are so amazing. I really admire the pet owners who considered themselves as real parents of those pets. 

Taking care of pets like dogs and cats is not that easy, as they need special care and pet owners are required to spend more on pet food, vaccines, pet accessories, and other grooming treatments to make them always healthy, clean, and likable. But there is one and common problem of pet owners with their pets when the terrifying fleas attack their pets.       

Fleas are wingless insects, grow until 1/8 inch long in the adult stage with well-adapted for jumping hind legs. They can leap 50 times their body length from one place to another, jump up to 18 centimeters vertically and 33 centimeters horizontally. They have 4 life stages; egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Like ticks, they live through blood-feeding from hosts such as dogs, cats, birds, rats, and humans. Dog flea, cat flea, and human flea are some of their kinds.   

Fleas basically love dogs and cats as their hosts, with their bites to your pets, may cause itchiness, skin irritation all over the pets’ bodies which in turn, resulted in skin infections and severe hair loss. Fleas can also transmit other parasites like tapeworms to your pets which may lead to severe infection and internal complications if not treated immediately. 

The scariest thing is that fleas in your pet can also jump to your clothes all the way to your home and to you. There are diseases that can be transmitted by fleas to humans such as cat scratch fever and plague. They are small but indeed dangerous!  

To detect signs of fleas easily and know the effective way of stopping them at once, call the pest control experts in Sydney, from only the most reliable pest control company, Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd 

SafePestControl Technicians are pest control experts who are truly your guide in getting rid of your pest problems like the terrifying fleas. They are highly skilled in identifying pests, searching the pests’ access points, giving pre-analysis of pest infestation, proposing a comprehensive treatment plan up to implementing the treatment procedure and checking the results.         

They are also members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) and compliant with such regulatory bodies and industry standards. 

SafePestControl uses eco-friendly treatment products to make your family, pets, and the environment safe and protected from harmful chemicals offered by other mediocre pest control companies. So you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety during fleas control treatment, they care for your pets as much as you do.  

At SafePestControl, a thorough inspection of your pest problem will be delicately done in your home, the same way they develop strategies that will surely work for you and your pest problem. They provide the best pest control solutions which are tailored-fit to your unique pest problem and not creating new ones.

Also, with a 5-star rating from Google Reviews, this assured you of quality pest control services from SafePestControl. They are highly recommended by many clients in Sydney, whether residential or commercial pest control. You are surely in good hands!

Before fleas get to your pet and spread such diseases to your family, get them done by only the best pest control company, SafePestControl! Call 1300 119 085 for immediate consultation! 


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