Funeral Plans in Advance Helps Make Loss Easier to Handle in Finance


The one thing that is guaranteed in life is that it will end at some point for all of us. While it may be uncomfortable to think about the loss of a loved one, it is important for friends and family members to know what to do when the time comes.

Making sure close friends and relatives are aware of the person’s wishes will lessen their burden during such an emotional time.

Putting this information down in writing, including documentation on any life insurance finance policies the person may have and contact information for beneficiaries, ensures that anyone involved in the planning of the memorial service is aware of what the deceased wanted. This leaves loved ones with less confusion and stress. They can feel solace in knowing that their loved one would be happy with the funeral arrangements.

Funerals can be costly and it is wise, especially if the person is elderly or ill, to take care of as much of the planning as possible before death. A lot of things can be decided on and even paid for in advance, such as choosing a cemetery plot, headstone, casket, or an urn if the person wishes to be cremated. Funeral insurance finance can also be purchased to help pay for final arrangements.

The tone of the funeral should be established before any other plans are settled on. If the person wants their service to be a celebration of their life and accomplishments, any references to mourning and loss can be avoided. A preferred location can be decided ahead of time as well.

Memorial services can be held at funeral homes, churches or the person may prefer a small graveside service. The religious affiliation should be considered as it would be awkward to attend a somber memorial service with heavy religious overtones for a person who is no longer or has never been religious.

The service itself can be planned down to the last flower and music selection if desired. Specific speakers or readings of favorite poetry or passages in beloved books can be requested. Does the person want a service attended by all of their family, friends, and acquaintances or a more intimate affair with only close relations and friends?

Anxiety or financial strain is the last thing anyone wants to cause their loved ones. Having a clear and specific funeral plan in place can help to alleviate stress for those left behind. Loved ones can be instead comforted by carrying out the last wishes of someone close to them who has passed.

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