How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


Sunglasses have become a common element to distinguish but it all carries brilliant styles and designs to outmanoeuvre your feelings. When feelings are concerned, then the right choice of sunglass becomes an affirmative and time-consuming work. If that means you wanna impress someone, then sunglasses are a truly great choice. However, you must heed the qualities and effectiveness of it to arrive at a final solution.

Do you really need sunglasses?

Yes, you need it at any circumstances. One can’t ignore it always. Heavy amount of sunlight makes it mandatory but it is acknowledged that darker sunglasses contribute no additional benefit to UV rays and glares.

But experts have frequented that sunglasses are still going to be dominant as customers are increasingly getting charmed with UV protection features. But if you need UV protection sunglasses, it may turn a little complex as it comprises technical complexities.

This blog post will duly help new buyers and users to determine the right glasses.

So what happens if you don’t wear sunglasses?

It only includes short-term effect, which says that short term exposure to sunlight is not extremely harmful but periodic exposure to sunlight and UV rays emission is highly detrimental to eye health. Without sunglasses, things may turn sour with periodic exposure that may lead to severe headaches, depression, and acute sleeping issues.

Sunlight also initiates glares and glares are highly potent to discourage your eyesight. To prevent such highly effective and harmful glares, Vision Direct, a leading global eyewear enterprise, has shown effective measures against glares with Arise Collective. In addition to that, they have also added impact-resistance features with it.

Which sunglasses will suit your face?

Generally, there are over thousands of designer styles of sunglasses to choose from, and many offer stylish ones with cool warranty schemes. But while style is a personal thing and when it comes to choosing the best sunglass to suit your face, then your face structure or shape, hairstyles, and personal attitude are must consider before throwing money on new pair of sunglasses.

On the other hand, most people are buying sunglasses not for style but for better protection against sun glares, Ultra-Violet rays, dust, and pollution that can prematurely harm your eyesight. Sporting events and the wind is also a factor if you are playing any sport or driving for long hours. 

To generally fit the agenda, you must also consider the right face structure where the right pair of sunglasses can look more authentic, comfortable coupled with the latest style.

The simplest way to determine the face structure is by using a Virtual Try-On tool that is gaining more popularity among the buyers. The tool helps you to instantly record a selfie video that will be analyzed by the Virtual Try-On Tool. Once done with the analysis, you can virtually try any sunglass you like. It will allow you to project a virtual image of yours with different shades.

Benefits of buying sunglasses with Virtual Try-On Tool

There are ample reasons to choose from if you want to buy sunglasses with the Virtual Try-On tool. Some benefits have been shown below.

  1. It allows you to virtually try any sunglasses before choosing to pay anything, saving a lot of time on the selection process.
  2. It allows you with AfterPay instalment service for easy monthly payments.
  3. It also offers a 24-months warranty period on all manufacturing defects.

Top 3 stylish sunglass to buy in 2021 that are cheap with AfterPay Installment

Sl. No. Sunglass Specification
1 Arise Collective X WWF ReefCycle Grey Frame Colour: Matte Black

Lens Colour: Full Grey

Frame Shape: Square

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material:

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

2 Ray-Ban RB3447N Round Flat Lenses 001 Frame Colour: Arista Gold

Lens Colour: Green

Frame Shape: Round

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Metal

Lens Material: Plastic

3 Guess GF 6001 01C Frame Colour: Shiny Black

Lens Colour: Gradient Grey

Frame Shape: Butterfly

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Plastic

Lens Material: Plastic

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