The Best German Automotive Market


Whether you’re in the market for used cars or new cars, the German market is certainly one place to look. For the first time since November, the market is undergoing year on year growth, with 3.1 million units expected to be sold.

A volatile market can impact how readily available used and new cars are, of course, but improvement shows that sales were roughly even with last sales, with a “bumper” year. Therefore, if you’re looking for used cars or new cars, consider the German car market — especially small cars.

Scrappage sales last year meant that there may also be a selection of used cars on the market to be bought — and new cars, too. The German car market may need this, considering that even those scrappage sales do encourage customers to buy new cars; those customers, of course, may otherwise avoid doing so, which also usually means there is a downturn in the market after such an undertaking.

Although the German car market fell by 23% to 2.92 million units, that was still an improvement. Outright sales volumes went up, in other words, year on year.

Is overall demand improving?

The German automotive trade association feels that the underlying demand is indeed improving; in other words, the German market is heading back to normal levels and will eventually become strong once again. For customers, price as well as quality, are important with a car purchase; whether one is buying used cars or new cars, a car is a significant investment, so the reliability and quality are paramount to a proper purchase.

Realistic optimism

Germany’s incoming orders have risen steadily, with domestic orders currently at roughly 100,000 units greater than in recent years. Therefore, sales may gradually improve going upward in a stable manner, with the figures expected to reach about 3.1 million cars. Experts have “realistic optimism” about the markets near the future.

Gradual improvement is the key phrase when experts talk about the German car market, rather than a surge in sales. Germany’s comparably strong economic performance is also almost certainly a factor, especially the strength of the manufacturing sector. Therefore, although volatility has marked the last two years in the German car market, stability will be the main characteristic of the market for the near future.

What does that mean for customers in the market for used cars or new cars?

Experts say that dealerships, distribution, and production are all going to be much simpler in the car industry because of the market’s stability. Germany’s strong economic performance is also a factor in this stability. That means that customers should have no problem finding used cars or new cars available if they need them.

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