Two Questions of Aspiring Online Marketers Business


This is the first question people put when coming to test the waters online:

How can I make money online?

And then comes the second:

How much can I make online?

To the first question there comes a bunch of answers from a lot of people willing to help them, to sell them something, or both.

Almost every solution those people offer is a MODE

The newbie is taught about affiliate marketing, niche marketing, info-marketing, then about how to get traffic, how to make a squeeze page, and so on. S/he also gets recommendations about super software tools that work amazingly, about how to do SEO, how to find a niche, or how to start thinking.

But each solution refers to an online business model or a tool and, finally, it really is the right answer to the first question: it shows the newbie a certain way of HOW someone can do business online.

Now the newbie should decide which way to go – aka which model to choose.

If we think of the offline world, it is like you wanted to open a business and you have to choose among several ideas: open a store, open a restaurant, start to manufacture something, etc. But, the problem is what to sell in your store, which kind of food your restaurant should offer, what to manufacture??

Knowing what kind of business models exists online doesn’t solve our newbie’s problem. S/he wanted to know what s/he can do to make money online.

And, hoping that this time s/he will get a better solution for her need (to succeed to make money online), s/he puts the second question: How much can someone get online?

This time the answers are much more reluctant.

It depends! (This is already disclaimer’s time!)

It depends on how hard you work, how lucky you are, how committed you are to your goal of making money…

This story is going on and on the internet scene causing a lot of frustration and struggle too many people trying to make a living online.

Most folks are still waiting for an answer. Only very few of them are getting the answer by themselves.

So, finally, how can someone make money online?

I give you a step by step formula:

Do a squeeze page and a free gift for people to subscribe
Make a product to sell
Write a sequence of email messages and put them into an autoresponder
Drive traffic to your squeeze page to build a list
Market your list

And I teach you how to do all these steps. No worry about HOW to do it. I’m here to help!

Now, you’ll ask: and WHAT will I put there? WHAT should I offer them? WHAT my product should be about?

You see, this is the problem: WHAT to put inside this model?

This is the most difficult part and here is the breakthrough making the difference between very few successful marketers and the huge number of struggling marketers.

WHAT makes the difference between winners and losers? Not the model you choose for your future business.

Any business model is easy to learn and simple to follow once you know WHAT to do.

Think about this Starbucks comes to you and say: Open a coffee-shop, make fresh coffee, put there some tables and comfortable chairs and sell coffee and some cakes and sandwiches to people coming into your shop. And you’ll have Starbucks?

Or Zara comes and say: design some nice clothes, outsource their manufacturing in Asia, open many big stores in malls in most important cities, and sell your collections in your big stores. And you’ll have Zara?

Easy right

The only way to replicate the success of someone teaching you a model is the franchise business.
Buying a franchise, you’ll get the whole package: the model + WHAT to do

You’ll say that you can do neither the first nor the second because you don’t have money and if you did?
Neither Star backs nor Zara started big. They both were small at the beginning and you know that there still are lots and lots of small companies trying to apply this business model without ever becoming successful?


Now come back to our online business model I gave you before.

If you think to put there some ply you buy from somewhere, better forget about it – you’ll be a loser from the beginning.

If you think it doesn’t matter WHAT you put inside as long as the ‘system’ works, you’ll continue to be another one struggling marketer long time from now.

To answer your question, I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that NO ONE will ever tell you WHAT to do. Except if you invest in a franchise (but it is not the case online).

The good news is that you already have this answer. You’re the only one to know that provides you learn how to seek it. It is not difficult, not exhausting. It requires only your dedication.

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