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European tours often highlight the most popular cities on the continent.

London, Italy, and Madrid are all continental hot spots, but there exist miraculous and breathtaking cities and sights that are often overlooked.

Budapest, known as the City of Spas and the Queen of the Danube, is unquestionably one of the most spectacular European cities. This densely populated Hungarian city captivates its audience with an incomparable amount of history and architectural excellence that visually overwhelms even its residents.

A consideration to keep in mind with European vacation packages is an efficient opportunity to re-live history.

Museums populate the streets with a rich history. The Aquincum Museum and Roman ruins contain the 2,000-year-old remains of the Roman town of Aquincum.

The Budapest History Museum and Castle Museum are the main collections of Budapest’s archaeological finds and developments of the area from Romanic times.

The Transport Museum is one of the oldest transport collections in Europe and is noted around the world for its railway system. Touring the museums alone would take several vacations.

There is an intense historical prevalence in Budapest, especially for those of the Jewish ethnicity.

The Holocaust impacted this city tremendously, as around 500,000 Jewish people were transported from Budapest to Auschwitz. In this city of overwhelming beauty, the curious tourist will become humbled as to the tragedy that transpired within this country.

One of the most beneficial experiences with vacation packages to Europe is opportunities to view breathtaking landscapes.

Springs of naturally warm waters speckle Budapest’s landscape, and each has a claim to healing properties of its own.

These are utilized as thermal baths, and travelers come from all over the world are utilizing this City of Spas. Each spring or bath has its own history.

The Szechenyi Bath, the hottest and deepest bath in Budapest, is one of the biggest bathing complexes anywhere in Europe! This natural spring water is so warm that its popularity is unscathed by the chills of winter.

These thermal waters of Budapest provide the visitor not only with natural hot springs in which to bathe but also remarkable caves carved into the Budapest landscape.

Some of these caves are available to the public for spelunking and tours.

Budapest is an extraordinary city with elements that are unmatched by Europe’s more commonly-visited counterparts.

Expose yourself to this rich, fantastic, breathtaking, and historically profound country and your life will change forever.
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