Put Your Mug Out There Video Marketing Essentials


There are simple ways for you to create and market videos on the Internet. It no longer requires a videographer, camera crew, or editing team to produce quality video content. Today’s digital cameras, camcorders, webcams, screen capture software, and even cellphones all are capable of creating videos.

So let’s say hypothetically you’ve come up with an instructional or tutorial video concept, have developed a clear, concise script, have produced it, and are ready to release it. What’s next? You must distribute the video to as large an audience as possible in order for it to produce leads. The Internet and the popularity of viral videos make the potential circulation huge.

Don’t Skip the Branding

Don’t forget to brand your video throughout. Build-in your website logo and link to your website throughout the video, either as an intro, a watermark throughout, or an embedded footer visible the entire time. This is the key when using online video services to distribute your video.

Don’t forget to embed your video in your blog and link it up from as many places as possible. Email links to it to your subscriber list, post it in your Facebook account, blast it out through Twitter, and submit it to Digg and other social bookmarking websites. This will naturally increase the number of backlinks to your video, will help it get ranked better in the search engines and will drive traffic to your sites over time.

Where to Distribute

The real reach will come from posting your video on the major online video services. Everyone thinks YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, but there are a ton of viable video services that deliver high traffic. You can find the right video sites by searching for keywords that are similar to your video and see where other videos of your type are being distributed. Take some time and find as many as possible.

Reaching critical mass is achieved by getting the video submitted to as many websites as possible. It takes time to find the sites and it takes time to submit the video to each media service. You really don’t need to do this manually as described in the preceding paragraph. Again, technology is your friend.

Technology is Your Friend

Traffic Geyser is a paid service that distributes your videos automatically to 50+ locations on the Internet. Tube Mogul allows you to reach about half as many for free. It allows you to upload your video file and the desired keywords and author data, and submit it all at once to a large number of video sharing websites. In this regard alone, it can save you a lot of time.

It also gives you access to a huge library of licensed images and a slideshow creator so that you can produce animated instructional videos without a camera or production software. It’s a quick way to get started without having to learn all the technical aspects of creating a web-quality video.

You also get important SEO benefits from the creation of automatic backlinks to your website through the videos. You’ll be amazed when you see your video appearing on top of Google for highly relevant keyword strings tied to your video.

And your video can show up for the keywords associated with it in just over 24 hours! For those of you who’ve had a website for months or years and are disappointed with its lack of position in Google for its homepage and sub-pages, this is a godsend.

As long as you’re on the top of Google, a lot of organic traffic will naturally flow through to your website. Of course, there are other factors to consider such as keyword selection and how competitive the keyword and string are, but the overall concept works.

You can get the hang of generating traffic and online network marketing leads through video marketing through the use of software such as Traffic Geyser or Tube Mogul combined with personal assistance and mentoring.

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