Your Resources Are Crucial to Your Article Marketing


For some, it seems that a passion for article writing is second nature. They seem to know the direction they should go from the beginning. And, it seems that everything falls into place so easily.

For others, the passion for article writing is not as strong and it takes a sharp change, a crystal clear moment, or a long journey of learning to find that passion. Your passion can be revved up by spending some time investigating your own history. Reference to something you have enjoyed participating in and write about your experience. Relate this experience in articles that support your niche.

If you want to succeed with article marketing, you must first find your passion, then harness it and use it to focus your dreams and visions.

The best suggestions for increasing your passion for article writing and marketing…

In the beginning, use your article writing time to pursue niches you think you could feel passionate about.

Strive to find what it is that expressly drives you and article writing passion will follow.

Know your end purpose. Is it to initiate, develop, and create new ideas?

Learn to follow the path your passion leads you down, write articles from your heart and the passion for your work will be there.

Allow yourself to work from the passion within.

Passion for your article writing can get you up each day. It can help you through your day by positively pushing you to pursue ways that will improve your article writing.

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In your quest for successful article marketing, you need to have a Word Press blog setup.

For many, this is a tremendous challenge! I know, I had that tremendous challenge, because I didn’t know I needed a blog and spent much precious time, trying to get the blog I didn’t need to take down and the one I did need set up. I had not met Suzanne at that time.

Each new internet marketer needs a coach and coaches are not always proficient in all skills needed to run your business.

It’s important that you have a Resource list and know the right coach to call for each specific area.

How to set the Word Press blog up so that all the links, themes, widgets, Twitter Tools, and many other essential tools worked to my advantage was a challenge to me until I met Suzanne Bird Harris. Word Press coach extraordinaire!!

Suzanne’s specialty is websites built in Word Press. The Word Press websites she builds are professional and SEO friendly. These are websites you can manage yourself, no matter how non-technical you are.

In her Private WP Tutoring, she will spare you the drama of the “trial and error” approach. You get insight and experience when she becomes involved in your project.

Suzanne offers classes and workshops on Word Press and online business topics.

This is not an affiliate link for Suzanne; in fact, she doesn’t even know that I’ve included her information in today’s blog. I just know if I had met her earlier, I would not have struggled so long.

Suzanne is a very crucial part of my article marketing as I always post to this blog first and then post it to the article directories.

I know you will want to contact her, make an appointment, and depend on her prompt and knowledgeable coaching to make your beginning experience easier.

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