The Beach Wedding and Choosing Your Wedding Shoes


More and more new couples prefer to get married on the beach because the beach can serve as a natural, romantic atmosphere for their wedding. If you want a beach wedding, there are several things that you should consider.


To brides, beach wedding dresses will be the best choice. You can choose one from simple wedding dresses or informal wedding dresses, short wedding dresses can be also a good choice. However, you’d better consider the temperature of your wedding day.

I think you don’t want to be wearing a heavy and thick gown in 90-degree heat. The bride and her bridesmaids should choose to wear flip-flops or go barefoot since heels will sink in the sand and make the walk down the aisle a tricky one.

The groom and his groomsmen can wear light suits or khaki pants with button-down shirts instead of heavy, wool tuxedos that will seem out of place on a beach. Dress in apparel that is reminiscent of colors that you find at the beach.

For example, the bride can wear a white mermaid gown, and bridesmaids can dress in deep green mermaid gowns. The groom can don a free-flowing white gauze shirt and linen pants. Groomsmen can wear light green gauze shirts and linen pants.


The beach offers a beautiful setting on its own, so a lot of decorative elements are not necessary. However, the couple can choose to marry under an arch adorned with flowers, and they can add small floral arrangements or ribbons to the ends of pews. Avoid any decorations that the wind can pick up or blow over. You can even offer some practical items for guests, like flip-flops or monogrammed water bottles.

Guest Considerations

If you expect warm temperatures on your wedding day, suggest a more relaxed dress code for guests. Women can wear sundresses and sandals, and men can wear nice pants paired with button-down shirts or golf shirts.

Besides bridal wedding dresses, wedding shoes can also be an important role in the wedding. So you should choose a pair of wedding shoes for your big day. However, when you are picking shoes for a wedding dress, you should consider different options, such as closed-toe shoes with or without a strap, sandals or peep-toe shoes. And after picking out wedding shoes, don’t forget that your feet will swell during the wedding day. Here is a video which will tell you how to choose wedding shoes.

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