In Human Life Different Types of Technology Plays a Great Role


Technology creates a picture of computer, spaceship, mobile (cell) phone, digital video players, advanced military equipment, computer games, the introduction of different types of sophisticated machines, 3d pictures & movies in the computer, use of the internet, etc. in our mind & all of them are the gifts of different types of technology.

Today many television reports, science fiction movies & books, & news articles are made about the different sectors of technology. Technology makes the users happy by giving them the ability to use automobiles, computers, telephone, automatic teller machines (ATM) & so on.

Types of technology- in different helpful purposes in the human being:

Many devices & machines are seemed to be used by the mass people. This is only possible for using different types of technology. Technology is of different types. There are many opinions about instructional technology among people.

The concept of instructional technology was 1st began by educated people only. This technology is concluded as a term that is more than hardware only. This is a systematic way of delivering instruction & designing, among different technologies. There is a good definition of instructional technology.

That is: “instructional technology is which is a systematic designing way that carries the evolution of a total process of teaching & learning in different objectives. These experiments will be based on communication & learning. Instructional technology is to employ nonhuman & human resources to bring more effective instruction technology.

Microcomputer technology is important in different types of technology. With the rapid development of microcomputer technology researches & experiments of science, the invention of new machines & devices, solve health problems, remove physical disabilities become more & more comfortable for scientists.

Types of technology- in different advanced sectors:

But there are 6 types of technology that are recognized. They are teaching technology, assistive technology, instructional technology, medical technology, information technology & productivity tools technology.

Teaching technology refers to the instructional approach. It is designed very systematically. These approaches of different types of technology are including different types of use of objectives that are well defined. The procedures of precise instruction are based upon the task that the students are required to learn anything.

Assistive technology is a user of the type of technology. It is used to help people who have disability functions within their environment.

This technology is rich in electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, microprocessor-based instruments, non-mechanical aids, non-electronic aids, different services, specialized instruction materials & so on.
Disabled people can easily get access to these with the help of NDIS and their support coordinator.

This technology is designed in such a way that people can use this technology for mankind; people can make their environment so comfortable for them, use this technology in the workplace & so on by using different types of technology.

It is used to control the lifestyle of people. For example eyeglass, alternative computer keyboards, communication aids, adaptive switches, etc. But we must be concern about using many types of technology in life or it can be so harmful to mankind.

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