To Know About the Present World It Technology News is a Must


The latest IT news is the advancement of Google as a big software company. Google was not focused on the patents for a long period of time. Recently it has acquired more than 1000 patents from IBM.

Now Google is looking for the next to strengthen the portfolio. Most of the wireless companies are embroiled to protect their position against newcomers like Google. In the IT news of the mobile phone, it must be said that the companies of HTC, Samsung & Motorola are going to overtake Nokia.

By overtaking Nokia they want to become the popular smartphone platform in the phone business. In IT news it has been said that when apple & Samsung were so strong together then Nokia was not so strong in the phone business world. Apple didn’t have any icon whereas Nokia & Samsung had their own icons.

IT news- about the computer industry:

This time is so much excitement about the wearable computing industry according to the IT news. It is the next big creature for Silicon Valley. This computer becomes a part of our daily life. This computer will be dominated for the next future years. A new IT news is that Dallas telecommunication takes a new technology in the mobile market.

This is about the mobile phone. In this phone, the voice mailbox can be made changed automatically. In this phone, the customers need not press any password to check their voice mails. But the IT news is that in this phone the voice message can be hacked at any time by any person.

Hackers use only the user ID in this hacking process. Personal phone’s voice mail hacking is not new. It has been going for years. So, it is better for carriers to alert people to use a strong password in any kind of ID on a phone or computer.

IT news- the new discovery of vehicles:

New IT news about the vehicle is that Toyota motor is going to produce the 1st electric vehicle. It will be produced outside of Japan in the Canadian province. It was announced as a public-private project in July of this year.

This vehicle will be the version of RAV4SUV. Toyota will invest about $545 million in this project. This project is known as operation green light. This is a joint project. This project place is about 135 km far from Toronto. This vehicle is so significant for Toyota. This is the world’s 1st full EV vehicle. Toyota wants to pay Tesla about $100 million for supplying electronic power train.

This will include battery, gearbox, motor & power electronics for RAV4EV. It is known that the Canadian government supports all the automaker companies operating in this country. Toyota works hard to become the North American’s 1st car producer. It tries to make the next generation of cars that will use the latest technologies. IT news is so long in number. It can’t be described in single thinking.

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