The technology of Drones by Jyu Hornet


JYU Hornets are doing great in the field of technology. There are many drones manufactured by this company. Drones with Aerial photography are now much in demand. This thinking will help you to decide a better drone for yourself.

JYU Hornet 2:

If you are looking for a semi-pro drone that is compatible to record videos of 4K then this drone is good for you. This drone is technically designed for capturing videos with gimbal technology. JYU Hornet 2 is the best model these days. There are many features in it. Have a look below for its specifications, pros as well as cons.


  • The optical sensor for quality resolution is its feature.
  • Comes with gimbal technology.
  • The battery is made up of 3600mAh.
  • Compatible to fly for about 22 to 28 minutes in the air with normal wind.
  • The reinforcement of the arms is being designed to protect drones from the crash.
  • The operating range is about 200 meters.
  • 8GHz transmitter is reliable as well as durable.
  • The optional wristwatch controller is along with it.
  • 8 Mega-pixel cameras are good at taking photos of good quality.
  • Good to use for aerial photography.
  • The GPS system is best among all the specifications.
  • The motor is brushless.
  • 3inches of propellers are for dynamic flight.
  • The picture format is JPG.
  • The total weight is 800 grams.
  • Will cost you only at a reasonable price.


  • Will return to the place of flight in the case of loss of connection.
  • GPS locating system.
  • Use with FPV glasses (optional).
  • Supports a micro-SD card of about 64GB.


  • Bit pricey.
  • The camera is not good for video.

Aerial Photography Drone:

Aerial Photography drone is very popular nowadays. Aerial Photographic drone camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Aerial photographic drones are easy to control by hands manually or automatically.

Don’t confuse Aerial photography with Air-to-air photographic as Air-to-air photography is used to chase the plane while Aerial photography is used in cartography topographic archeology movie production and much more.

Some drones support the oblique view, some support vertical while others support the combination format of aerial photography. Drones with Aerial photography are good to use and very much reliable and highly durable. If you are interested in photography as well as flying drone must go for drones with Aerial photography.

Time to conclude tech thinking, JYU Hornets 2 is a marvelous innovation for the beginners as well as professionals. It will help you to shoot Aerial pictures.

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